We are a premier sports authentication team focusing on game worn baseball, hockey, football, and basketball jerseys and other game used memorabilia. Our team at Sports Investors Authentication, a subsidiary of Sports Investors, exists to provide the highest overall quality sports memorabilia authentication services. We are setting the standard with our collective expertise, genuine care for our clients and partners, and bringing integrity to the industry. 

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DAVID RANDOLPH, Founder and Managing Member

David Randolph... sports enthusiast, collector, investor, authenticator.  

Initially there was the love of the game. Collecting was the next step. Over the years, the popularity of collecting sports memorabilia rose. With that, seeing many items mislabeled, fake or misrepresented—specifically game worn jerseys—a need for a higher standard authentication came about. What started as a hobby manifested into a business.  

David has had a successful career in technology sales. He has brought that same technology to authenticating sports memorabilia using IT forensic analysis. 

The Sports Investors team currently works with many professional teams and implements state-of-the-art forensic technology to verify and authenticate game used memorabilia. In addition, the team loves to showcase amazing examples with professional teams to help build and grow the passion of collecting memorabilia in this industry.   



BILL HENDERSON, Chief Authenicator

In the sports collector community, Bill Henderson is best known for authoring The Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys, now in its twentieth year and eighth edition of publication. Considered by most as ‘the’ indispensable guide to MLB jersey authenticity, this book has been helping sellers, buyers and collectors validate MLB jerseys by painstakingly noting every change in every jersey, year by year, for every MLB team, going back in time to 1970. His research resides in the collection the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York, as a part of their permanent research collection.

Interviewed by Sports Illustrated, USA Today’s Sports Weekly and by various broadcast and Internet media sources over the years, Bill has a vast personal collection of MLB jerseys, and enjoys sharing his knowledge with friends and the industry.

A trained graphic artist, Bill has worked with several teams their uniform makers to help recreate the uniform fonts for some MLB Turn Back the Clock games over the years, also has served as an authenticity consultant and graphic art provider to Mitchell & Ness and Majestic. Bill has recreated hundreds of distinctly different teams’ player name and number fonts every team and every year, going back into the 1950s. 

Using these assets, Bill has branched into expertly restoring jerseys for collectors, specializing in returning to their original appearance ones that had been repurposed to the minor leagues, as was the custom in baseball for so many decades. 

Besides his historical work with baseball uniforms which began as a hobby, Bill Henderson has enjoyed a thirty-five-year career in unrelated global businesses- as a marketing professional, board member and eventually an international executive.  This foundational exposure to the world of business has helped him understand the world of industry and respect the drivers of free markets: good ethics, appropriate investment, proper business planning and appropriate profitability management.