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About us

We are a premier sports authentication team focusing on game-used baseball, hockey, football, and basketball jerseys and other game-used memorabilia. Our team at Sports Investors Authentication exists to provide the highest overall quality sports memorabilia authentication services. We are setting the standard with our collective expertise, genuine care for our clients and partners, and bringing integrity to the industry. 


David Randolph

Founder and Managing Member

David Randolph... sports enthusiast, collector, investor, authenticator.  

Initially there was the love of the game. Collecting was the next step. Over the years, the popularity of collecting sports memorabilia rose. With that, seeing many items mislabeled, fake or misrepresented—specifically game worn jerseys—a need for a higher standard authentication came about. What started as a hobby manifested into a business.  

David has had a successful career in technology sales. He has brought that same technology to authenticating sports memorabilia using IT forensic analysis. 

The Sports Investors team currently works with many professional teams and implements state-of-the-art forensic technology to verify and authenticate game used memorabilia. In addition, the team loves to showcase amazing examples with professional teams to help build and grow the passion of collecting memorabilia in this industry. 


Lead Authenticator

From a young age, Austin Bevere collected, traded, and sold sports cards. One of his favorite past times was spending Friday nights at a local card shop down the street from his childhood home.

During his time at the University of Colorado, Austin’s studied sports marketing, where he engrossed himself in sport’s history. Since graduating with highest honors, he has made a name for himself in marketing, landing multiple books on best-seller lists, including The New York Times and US Today.

Through all of this, Austin pursued investing and collecting sports memorabilia. His extreme attention to detail has set him apart as a leading expert in memorabilia authentication. Austin’s passion is to see this industry become airtight, securing the value of sports fan’s investments and making it harder and harder for the counterfeits to get away with fraud.

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